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Creation of new functional biocompatible and bioactive materials and efficient systems for the encapsulation, drug delivery and controlled release of various substances in water environments, including in live systems, is an actual task of biophysics and chemistry and also for a number of allied sciences, solution of which is essential important for practical biomedical applications. In this work we have prepared and characterized novel nanocomposite biomimetic functional nanosystems on the basis Langmuir-Blodgett films, vesicles or capsules on the basis membrane complexes including lipids functional aminocontaining amphiphilic compounds, polymers (including biopolymers) and functional inorganic nanoparticles (Fe3O4 and Au). The fabricated systems have been investigated using transmission electron microscopy, atomic_force microscopy, electron paramagnetic resonance.

biomimetic nanostructures, liposomes, DNA, nanoparticles of magnetite
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