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The paper considers a block diagram, known constructions, and proposed design of a twofold reserved solid-state microwave power amplifier (RSSPA) for space-craft onboard equipment. Modern requirements of the RSSPA to a thermostatically controlled plate (TCP) used to remove heat from only one amplifier of the RSSPA are stated. The advantages and disadvantages of “two-storey” constructions and design with vertical positioning of power amplifier boards with respect to the TCP are shown. The paper proposes the RSSPA, in which its components with a high heat dissipation and the components directly connected with them are placed on the base of the RSSPA case mounted on the TCP via a thermally conductive pad, and all other components are placed on the side walls of the case. Its design is simpler and lighter. The proposed RSSPA is perspective for spacecraft onboard equipment including command and measurement systems.

double redundant solid-state power amplifier, microwave power, thermostatically controlled plate, spacecraft, secondary power supply source, active operating life, mass, dimensions
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